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  • LUC #50 [Special Edition]: The Most Popular Issues of the LUC Newsletter

LUC #50 [Special Edition]: The Most Popular Issues of the LUC Newsletter

Top picks and an invitation to shape our future editions!

This week’s issue brings you:

LUC #50 [Special Edition]: The Most Popular Issues of the LUC Newsletter


LUC #50 [Special Edition]: The Most Popular Issues of the LUC Newsletter

This week, we're thrilled to celebrate a significant milestone—the 50th issue of the LUC newsletter!

To mark this special occasion, we've prepared something a little different.

We're revisiting the five issues that you, our valued readers, have told us resonated the most.

But first, a heartfelt thank you from myself (Nikki), and the entire Level Up Coding team for joining us each week on this journey.

Your feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and inspiring. It motivates us to not only continue but evolve our newsletter to make it even better.

As we look towards the next fifty issues, what topics or ideas are you curious about? What would you like to see more (or less) of? No suggestion is too simple or too out there—we want to hear it all!

Feel free to drop us a note at [email protected]. While we can't respond to every email, rest assured that each one will be opened and read with appreciation.

We're honored to accompany you on your engineering journey and are excited to support your continued growth and success.

Without further ado, here are the most popular LUC issues so far.

Serverless Architecture Demystified: Strategies for Success and Pitfalls to Avoid

Explore the nuances of serverless architecture.

Here we cover the essence of serverless computing, key practices to follow as well as pitfalls to navigate, and when and where going serverless makes sense.

Dive into the world of software updates.

This issue covers some of the most prominent deployment methods, including; blue/green deployment, canary deployment, rolling deployment, feature toggles, and A/B testing.

Strategies For A Successful Microservices Transition

Learn about how to transition to microservices.

Here we cover strategies and approaches that break down this complex undertaking from a mountain to climb to a series of manageable hills.

A Guide to Cloud Resource Optimization and Cost Management

Our applications run in the cloud, and generally, a significant portion of an organization’s expenses are from the cloud.

Knowing how to optimize and manage cloud resources is a highly valuable skill.

This issue provides a guide for keeping your cloud bills under control whilst optimizing performance.

Understanding Database Types — Relational, Vector, Graph, and More

Databases aren’t created equally; each database type has its specialty. Using the right database type can be a game changer for performance, the wrong one can wreak havoc.

This issue dives into the world of database types and explores where each one fits best. 

That wraps up this week’s issue of Level Up Coding’s newsletter!

Join us again next week where we’ll explore how Elasticsearch works, Kafka best practices and use cases, API gateway vs load balancer, how server-sent events work.